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The cloud platform for financial services

Our mission is to provide better digital financial services.
Combining smart data analytics with a modular based architecture for ease of use and integration


Open banking

Cloud platform

Open API Ecosystem

Fimento offers an agile and innovative platform combining speed, flexibility and scalability. This allows you faster time to market for new products, less manual processes, reduced costs and greater personalization for your customers.

Legacy systems challenged


Faster credit decisions


Greater accuracy lowering defaults


Fewer manual processes

10 000

Datapoints to collect, structure and analyze

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The Product

From underwriting to ledger, supporting invoicing and accounting as well as AML and data enrichment.
The Fimento platform combines 14 separate modules into underwriting and ledger.
You choose the module(s) relevant for your business.

shape1 Accounting

Enables easy connection between the ledger and accounting system to keep track of financial assets.

shape1 Accounts

Keeps track of customers’ accounts and transactions and calculates interest based on the cash flow of customers.

shape1 AML/Fraud

Offers digital KYC and AML detection system with a risk-based approach.

shape1 Backend

Enables visualization and managing of all services in the system.

shape1 Data collection

Collects relevant information about customers during onboarding or on an ongoing basis. It supports multiple sources of information.

shape1 Data enrichment

Provides AI-based data enhancement, optimized to facilitate credit decision making.

shape1 Decision engine

Provides automatic credit decision-making based on predefined decision models. The proportion of manual reviews can be customized to follow own policies and available resources.

shape1 E-Signing

Lets customer sign digitally any type of documents. The signature mechanism is based on the Swedish BankID for maximum security.

shape1 Frontend

Provides own customer facing website for the services chosen. It is based on the white-label principle so that it can be easily customized to follow your own brand and style.

shape1 Invoicing

Generates payment plans based on your own custom logic or a predefined one for invoicing. Invoices can be sent by post or emails depending on the customer preferences.

shape1 Notification

Enables receiving of notifications based on events in the system so teams will be alerted in real time about interesting events.

shape1 Payments

Manages the generation and processing of payment files in order to synchronize ledger with bank information. The payment files can be downloaded manually for a quick import in your internet banking, or they can be sent automatically to your bankthrou

shape1 Reporting

Connects all data generated by the banking ecosystem to a data lake and makes custom analysis. Reports can be generated using aggregated data from a wide range of data sources including system data as well as more disruptives sources such as customer

shape1 Underwriting

Contains all the tools and processes surrounding credit decisions. It supports duality, has extensive traceability and logging to simplify the auditing process.

Why Fimento

Fimento SaaS solution leads the AI supportability in the financial industry through easy access to structured data.

Fast time to market
Customer personalization
Less manual processes

Board and Senior Management

We are a mix of nationalities, backgrounds and experiences, collectivley striving to democratize banking and finance solutions through digitalization. We believe technology will lead to fairer access to funding, lending and liquidity.


Chairman of the Board